Sunday, September 28, 2014

Scrapbook Sunday: My Best Friend's Wedding

I recently got to scrapbooking my best friend's wedding from 2008, finally!

Happy Scrapbook Sunday!


P.S. That is one of the few times you will ever see me with straight hair.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Will Not Be Calling In Dead Tomorrow

The Dreadful Keyboard
Have you ever expressed frustration to your boss in an email by saying that you were going to call in dead the next day and then later remembered that the reason he is currently out of town is for a funeral? Yea, me either. *sigh*


P.S. I really need a vacation ASAP, but since that is over a month away, I will take up drinking instead.

P.S.S. Hooray for awesome bosses who are nice and see the humor in things.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Creo En Mi / I Believe In Myself

“Creo En Mi” de Natalia Jiménez es una de mis canciones favoritas en este momento. Que bello mensaje.

A veces el favor más grande que otras personas nos pueden hacer es no creer en nosotros porque nos hace luchar más intensamente por lo que queremos y cuando finalmente lo logramos la satisfacción es más grande aun.   

“Creo En Mi” (I Believe In Myself) from Natalia Jimenez is one of my favorite songs at the moment. What a beautiful message.

Sometimes the biggest favor other people can do for us is not believe in us because it makes us fight more intensely for what we want and when we finally achieve it, the satisfaction is even greater.