Friday, October 25, 2013

I Don't Know About You, but I'm Feeling 22!

You know you're having a great day when you can't stop checking yourself out on the security camera at the store. Yes, this is a true story, it happened to me today! I was at the pharmacy counter of Walgreens checking in to get my flu shot when I caught a glimpse of myself on the security camera and then I just couldn't stop looking. It was the strangest thing because I usually avoid looking at those dreadful things. There's been countless times that I've looked and seen a big girl with frizzy hair at the bank or grocery store's camera only to look away horrified after realizing it was ME!! Today was different, I didn't recognize myself, but I liked what I saw.

Now allow me to back up for a minute. If you don't know me then you don't know that I've struggled with weight most of my life, so now you know.

This summer I was introduced to the South Beach Diet by my friend and co-worker, Tasha, and I was able to lose 20 pounds! I started on June 17th and lost the bulk of those 20 pounds at the beginning, but I have been beating myself up about not losing any more weight lately. I've only been maintaining the weight I lost and not trying hard enough to lose additional pounds.

These days my weight loss fluctuates between 20 and 23 pounds. This morning I was at 22 pounds and seeing myself on camera made me realize that, even though I have a long way to go before reaching my goal weight, I have come a long way and losing 20 pounds is a big deal. I look good dammit! Loosing weight is no easy feat, but keeping it off can be even harder so I need to be proud of myself. In Taylor Swift's words, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!"

Until next time!


P.S. Yes, that is me attempting to take a booty shot :)